About Us

Psyche Inc. began its journey into the world of Fashion in 2010 but it wasn't until 2012 that the business received the attention that it deserved. It’s grown very quickly, mostly thanks to the excellent customer feedback, but more importantly customer support (which is humbling),  word of mouth from my existing and new clients and customers, who come from all over the U.K. - From England to Ireland, Northern Ireland to Wales and Scotland to Overseas; USA, Canada, Europe and beyond.  Psyche Inc. Has now expanded into media and now has its own channel in YouTube called ‘The Simplicity Lifestyle Channel’.


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My very being and passion has always been in the Media and the Fashion industry, which is why you'll find handpicked quality products at very affordable prices.

I work in the Film and Television Industry as an Actress/Presenter/Model. I’m also part of the British Fashion Industry, and proud to be the Owner of Psyche Inc. And The Simplicity Lifestyle Channel on YouTube.

 believe 'simplicity' is the very core of beauty.....whether you buy or not, thank you so ‘much’ for visiting Psyche Inc., it’s appreciated beyond words.........