Sun, Sea, Sand and the countdown to the Autumn....... August 13, 2015 21:40

Well, the Summer is definitely in full swing; the weather has essentially been great and afforded us the stage to showcase our various fashion choices - very varied they have been - colourful, imaginative, quirky, feminine, strong, but definitely 'fantastic'........ Some items on Psyche Inc. are now on 'summer' sale and more will be added over the coming weeks. the Summer draws to a close, ever so slowly, with every waking and sleeping hour, our fashion choices are yet to change again...but what's coming?......well, you'll just have to wait and see, but I will keep you updated, that's for sure - however, what I can tell you is that the Autumn colours are definitely bold, individual and setting a statement - yet exuding beauty. From clothing to fashion accessories - it's going to be wonderful.  

Gorgeous leather bags, clutches from my Autumn range, most Made in Italy, are now on sale and are just stunning, but more importantly, very kind to the 'wallet'!  

Whoever you are, there is 'definitely' something for everyone available in the Psyche In On-line Store - ...and I mean 'everyone', to enjoy......and feel just great......


                                                                                    Soft Suede Leather Tan Croc Flap-Over Clutch Bag                                                                                               

London Fashion Week  (LFW) isn't too far away, so I will highlight the weird, wacky, wonderful,  (WWW)!

Have a fantastic Summer....and as always, thanks for your loyalty... and remember, after your first purchase, as a thank you from Psyche Inc. you will receive a 10% Discount Code off your next purchase!