The 'Dolls House' Boutique

Psyche Inc. The  'Doll's House' Boutique is more than just a great place to buy on trend women's clothing in Kent. It's a place where you'll shop in peace and tranquility and learn to define your own individual style, and where you'll find items that really DO suit you. Honesty is our policy. Psyche Inc. the "dolls house" Boutique offers beautifully crafted handbags, again mainly sourced from Italy and always of the highest quality. These are made using optimum grade leather or suede - equally there are gorgeous faux leather lines as well! Being fashionable or stylish is more than just the clothes you wear. It's also about the accessories you choose; from your handbag through to the way you tie your scarf. At Psyche Inc. we've brought together a range of bags and accessories which will complement your clothing and we'll ensure that you're always perfectly on trend. While some of us may covet a designer handbag, it's easy to achieve the same look with one of our bags. We've got all the latest colours, shapes and styles, but at a fraction of the price. So you'll still have money left over for one of our beautiful scarves or dresses.